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Who We Are...

Lake Talquin was started in the home of Jimmie and Margie Leonard in 1970 as a plant by the former Parkway Baptist Church in Tallahassee. The church was planted in order to reach the Senior Adult community that began growing around Lake Talquin. Since that time our community demographic has substantially changed and so has our church. We are an intergenerational congregation that seeks to reach our Community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our weekly Bible Studies, Worship services, and a variety of Ministry and Mission endeavors. Our hope is to introduce as many as possible to the Life Changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

More About Us...

Our church chooses to affiliate with three larger groups of evangelical believers. Locally, we fellowship with other churches and missions who call themselves the Florida Baptist Association. Statewide, we identify ourselves with churches and missions that form the Florida Baptist Convention. Nationally and Internationally, we participate in mission efforts with over other churches that choose to be part of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The SBC is America’s largest evangelical group.

Who are Southern Baptist? We are the most diverse group of Christians. Contrary to the stereotype of “white southerners,” our churches include every race, nationality and ethnic group. Each week, services are held in over 80 languages in the U.S. We are one of the fastest growing Christian groups. While many other denominations have been losing members for the past 20 years, the SBC continues to reach more and more people for Christ. Southern Baptists like to start new churches, which includes Lake Talquin Baptist Church.

Why not be an Independent Church? We are an independent church! Within the SBC, every church is completely independent of each other. There is no denominational control or hierarchy as there is in many denominations. Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs. In the SBC, each local church calls its own Pastors and chooses its own plans and programs. Each church also owns and controls its own property and assets.

Thus, we are able to identify with other Christians around the world who hold to similar beliefs outlined in The Baptist Faith & Message 2000. As a body of believer, we are part of a legitimate group of Christians known for their commitment to the Bible. The SBC has no man made creed. Our only creed is the Bible.

Worship Services & Times