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H2O Youth Ministry

H20 speaks to our geographic location on Highway 20, the body’s need for water and our Spirit’s need for Christ Jesus, the Living Water. Psalm 42:1 says, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for You, O God.”

The PURPOSE of our H2O Youth Ministry is to introduce youth to the love of Christ through weekly bible study, Sunday worship and Tuesday nights.

We also provide three BIG opportunities for extravagant, high energy worship, discipleship and fun, so make sure you join us for DNOW Weekend (Winter), Ormond Beach (Summer) and Revolution (fall).

Our GOAL is to help each child experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We then offer a variety of opportunities to grow in their faith each week. Our ministry will provide the materials and instruction in God’s Word BUT ultimately it is mom and dad who make a lasting impression, so we encourage the WHOLE family to experience the life changing impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We hope you will join us at Lake Talquin Baptist Church.

Our Core Values for ALL Youth and adults at LTBC will center around the Acronym AREA:

A — Access. We ask youth to give Christ and us access to their lives. We hope to build a healthy relationship with each youth that comes into our fellowship. Most importantly, we desire for each youth to encounter the Love and life transforming power of Jesus Christ.

R — Respect. We ask each youth who joins our fellowship on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings and other LTBC sponsored events to show respect for Christ Jesus, ALL adults, other students and themselves.

E — Example. We ask each youth who participates with us to set a Christ-like example for their peers and the younger students who gather with us each week.

A — Attitude. We ask each student to express, display and share a positive attitude with everyone else.

Youth activities will take place:

 Tuesday evenings from 6:30—8:15 (call 576-4641 for van pick-up by 5 pm)

Sunday mornings at 9:45. (Call 576-4641 by 9 am for van pick-up.)

We will periodically offer trips for those who regularly attend weekly services (Tuesday and Sundays) and who honor AREA in their behavior. If you have any questions, please call Pastor Milton at 576-4641.

Come Worship with Us!

On Mission to Reach Others and Change Lives.